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Power Management
Power Management - AMS Products

Power Management

ams supplies power management products for portable battery-powered devices, such as mobile phones, portable navigation devices, personal media players and personal healthcare devices.


DC-DC Boost Converters

The ams step-up (boost) converter portfolio offers very high efficiencies of up to 96%, and the devices draw a very low quiescent current. High switching speeds enable the use of very small external inductors. These DC-DC boost converters can boost the input from a single battery cell to an output of up to 42V.


DC-DC Charge Pumps

Charge pumps – inductorless boost converters – from ams operate at up to 90% efficiency.


LED Drivers

Highly efficient LED drivers provide optimal performance in general lighting applications and in LED backlighting systems for large flat display panels.


Lighting Management Units

Highly integrated, flexible lighting management ICs support nearly all the illumination tasks performed in mobile phones.


Operational Amplifiers

Operational amplifiers from ams are ideally suited to audio applications.


Power Management Units

These highly integrated, flexible power management units are ideal for use in portable, battery-powered devices.



ams supervisors offer high accuracy and low power consumption. In battery-powered systems in particular, the supply must be monitored in order to perform safe start-up and shut-down operations.

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