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AMS Distributor >>> AMS Latest News >>> Higher luminosity, tighter beam, smaller form factor: ams OSRAM and Crytur technologies combined in new color-converted laser module
Higher luminosity, tighter beam, smaller form factor: ams OSRAM and Crytur technologies combined in new color-converted laser module

ams OSRAM (AMS), a global leader in optical solutions and optical device manufacturer Crytur have revealed that ams OSRAM’s PLPT9 450LB_E blue laser diode and new phosphor conversion technology from Crytur are combined in the latest MonaLIGHT laser module.


Crytur’s MonaLIGHT B01 module produces a narrow beam of non-coherent, high-power visible light which can be much more efficiently coupled into an optical fiber or light guide than light from LEDs.


The module is based on a powerful blue laser diode – the ams OSRAM PLPT9 450LB_E, a 5W laser in a TO90 metal can – behind a special transmissive phosphor converter produced by Crytur. Unlike conventional phosphor converters, which scatter a laser beam, the Crytur phosphor shapes the beam to a narrow angle as well as converting the diode’s blue light to a broad-spectrum visible light output (spectral bandwidth: 500nm-650nm).


The MonaLIGHT module offers peak luminous intensity up to 7000cd unattainable by LED technology, with wall plug efficiency of at least 80lm/W at luminous flux 1100 lm. The module’s beam has a narrow 8° viewing angle and a very low étendue < 0.2 mm2sr. Ideal for space- or weight-constrained applications, the MonaLIGHT module is just 12 mm in diameter and 24.1 mm long, and weighs 18 g. Compared to conventional laser modules, the MonaLIGHT offers substantially higher optical efficiency at lower cost. In contrast to other modules, the MonaLIGHT module’s output has no unwanted speckle effect.


‘The breakthrough in phosphor technology achieved by Crytur takes full advantage of the high luminous intensity of the PLPT9 450LB_E laser diode, enabling the MonaLIGHT module to generate a specific color and high efficiency which are ideal for many applications. To produce a powerful light output with excellent characteristics from such a small and light module is a seriously impressive technical achievement,’ said Jörg Heerlein, EMEA Head of Product Marketing at the visualization and sensing business line of ams OSRAM.


The MonaLIGHT’s modular structure enables Crytur to configure the output to meet specific customer requirements. Customer-specified optical components such as bandpass spectral filters, light guides and lenses can be built into the module. The high level of integration enables customers to build very compact and highly efficient optical assemblies. This makes the module ideal for use in many applications, including scientific instruments such as visible light or fluorescence microscopes, machine vision systems, and head-up displays in avionics systems.


The MonaLIGHT B01 module is available worldwide via authorized distributors of Crytur products.


The laser diode PLPT9 450LB_E is available in production volumes directly from ams OSRAM and from authorized distributors.

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