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The new Mira220 is the latest product in the Mira family of pipelined high-sensitivity global shutter image sensors.

A semiconductor laser such as the PLT5 522FA_P-M12 is in general more cost-effective and much smaller than an argon-ion laser, has a longer operating lifetime, and elimin

At the ams OSRAM booth in Hall B4.279, visitors will experience how ams OSRAM combines sensors and emitters to create advanced optical systems for its customers.

The AS7331, which is aimed at the consumer and industrial markets, offers very high sensitivity and high dynamic range.

Partners are selected based on their technical expertise, solution offering and track record of working with customers to co-create new products.

The module is based on a powerful blue laser diode – the ams OSRAM PLPT9 450LB_E, a 5W laser in a TO90 metal can – behind a special transmissive phosphor converter produc

The joint solution is based on the multi-channel AS7343 spectral sensor from ams OSRAM and the WattUp PowerBridge from Energous will be available for live demonstrations

The Mira lineup of CMOS image sensors from ams OSRAM are focused on low sensor and system power, and small form factors that maximize resolution efficiency in minimal foo

Highly sensitive to both visible and near infrared (NIR) light, the Mira050 enables engineering designers to save space and power in wearable and mobile devices.

Aldo Kamper has been CEO of Leoni AG, Nuremberg, a global player in energy and data management solutions for the automotive industry, since 2018.

The AS5911 is superior across the board in the domain of specialist ADCs for high-end CT detectors today, smaller, lower-power, high performance, more integrated, and eas

The MOCVD systems are expected to help enable volume production of Micro LED for a new generation of display applications.

The TMD3700 footprint, at 4.00 x 1.75mm, is the smallest footprint available in the market, and with height of 1.00mm, it’s low-profile is ideal for next-generation mobil

The AS3956 dynamic tag acts as a contactless bridge between sensors and any NFC reader, such as a smartphone, through a host microcontroller.

The TMD3702 helps phone designers minimize the space allocated to front-side ambient light and proximity sensing by providing them with a solution that is >60% smaller th

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